The Power Of Food

Food Matters

In most parts of the world food is so omnipresent that it is often taken for granted. At times we forget that food can be a tremendous source of good but can also have detrimental impact on our health and planet. In particularly when we are at work we tend to prioritize convenience, speed and low cost over health, taste and sustainability. Too often the potential of food is overlooked by organizations and remains untapped, in particular in the area of sustainability. By now, most organizations have embraced a wide range of measures to reduce energy and water use, control waste and make a positive impact on society. Less well known is the significant contribution smarter food choices can have on an organization’s sustainability targets. In addition smarter food choices will help improve:

  • employee health
  • staff satisfaction
  • diversity and inclusion
  • team bonding
  • human rights
  • animal welfare
  • corporate performance

During the one day Food Lab we will jointly explore how you can further improve sustainability and other areas.

one day food lab

the start of your food journey

We want to invite you to our one day Food Lab to kick start a nutrient-dense food programme that will improve your corporate sustainability and increase staff satisfaction & health.

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Curious to know more about the one day Food Lab? Or how we can help you make smarter food choices? Feel free to give us a call.

Do something good

A portion of the Food Lab fee will be donated directly to a charity of your choice. Nothing feels as good as doing good!