Food Lab

Our Promise To You

The one day Food Lab is a highly interactive and fun workshop that allows you to gain a better understanding of how smarter food choices make a direct and positive impact on your people, your performance and the planet. Together we define your food improvement objectives and measures, based on a solid understanding of your corporate values, people policy, food habits and sustainability goals. At the end of the day you will have a first draft of your action oriented food improvement plan in place. In addition you will:

  • have a solid understanding of how smarter food choices contribute to your sustainability goals, improve staff health & satisfaction and contribute to human rights & animal welfare
  • feel inspired by real live cases and corporate food best practices from leading companies across the globe
  • be able to select a right caterer or steer your current caterer in the right direction
  • compose a list of quick wins that will allow you to make a short term impact
  • understand the latest food trends and you can apply them
  • develop an action oriented food improvement plan
  • entice all your senses including your taste buds. Experience firsthand that smarter food choices are always tastier food choices. There will be plenty of food!


Tailored To Your Needs

During the Food Lab we will focus on the topics that are of importance to you. Every Food Lab is tailored based on your specific requirements. Focus areas can be:

  • Health – provide more nutrient dense and healthy food options and less empty calorie stuff
  • Sustainability – improve  your sustainability KPIs, i.e Lower CO2 footprint, lower water & energy usage and reduced waste
  • Taste and eating experience – enjoy your food more and discover new exciting flavours
  • Affordability – provide healthy low-cost food options
  • Info & Awareness – Increase level of positive food knowledge and awareness
  • Human Rights & Animal Welfare – contribute to human rights & animal welfare
  • Talent Performance – improve staff engagement, satisfaction and better teaming
  • Inclusion – offer options given employees’ lifestyle choices, cultural preferences and allergies
  • Caterer - A caterer that acts aligned with your food requirements


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Do something good

A portion of the Food Lab fee will be donated directly to a charity of your choice. Nothing feels as good as doing good!