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Did you know that on average we spend 60% of our waking hours at work and 25% – 40% of the food we consume, we consume at our workplace? So whatever we eat at work, makes an undeniable impact on our personal health and wellbeing, positive or negative.

Unfortunately, due to high pace of working life, limited food awareness and convenience, organizations often rely on prepackaged, processed, high calorie food items and drinks. We want to change that. But tasty and nutrient food options that are better for your employees and the planet — is that even possible? That’s what Smarter Food Choices is all about: together with you and your caterer we develop an exciting and nutrient-dense food programme while improving corporate sustainability and staff satisfaction & health. Simply put, our mission is to provide your talent with more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff. It’s that simple.

About us

Lisa is a leading Dutch food and lifestyle blogger, well known social media influencer and author of the award winning book 'Lisa goes Vegan'.

Carlos is a partner and transformation leader at a leading global consulting firm. Over the last 20 years he has shaped and led numerous complex business and IT transformation at global companies.

When they met over coffee, they instantly felt that it would make perfect sense to team up. Combining Lisa’s passion for delicious vegan food with Carlos’ 20 years business transformation experience offered an unique opportunity to support companies transition towards a healthier, tastier, more sustainable and ethical food programme. The lively brainstorm sessions fueled by their different backgrounds led to a long list of creative ideas and in less than a day they sketched out the one day Food Lab. A clear case of 1 + 1 = 3!

Given their combined food, sustainability and business expertise, they are uniquely positioned to help you shape an exciting food improvement. But more importantly, they are passionate about the boundless positive power of food. They have experienced - first hand - how often small but smarter food choices can improve personal wellbeing and eating habits.

one day food lab

the start of your food journey

We would like to invite you to attend the one day Food Lab. We’ll jointly kick-start a food transition programme that will be good for you, your organization and the planet.

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Curious to know more about the one day Food Lab? Or how we can help you make smarter food choices? Feel free to give us a call.

Do something good

A portion of the Food Lab fee will be donated directly to a charity of your choice. Nothing feels as good as doing good!