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Making the right food choices will help you make a positive impact on the health, sustainability & wellbeing of your organization. Sustainability never tasted so good!

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We would like to invite you to attend the one day Food Lab. We’ll jointly kick-start a food transition programme that will be good for you, your organization and the planet.

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Given our extensive food, sustainability and business transformation experience, we are uniquely positioned to help you design and implement an exciting food programme.

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More than ever before, your talent wants to choose their favorite foods confidently in the knowledge that you are doing your utmost best to provide the best possible food options. We want to team up with you to kick-off and accelerate the transition towards a sustainable and ethical food programme that nourishes the wellbeing of your colleagues while improving eating experience.

Lisa & Carlos

"Food is the most powerful tool there is. Everyday you have at least three votes to improve your health and change the world."

Lisa Stel
Co-founder Smarter Food Choices

"The food on our plates has a story to tell. It had a journey. It leaves a footprint. To eat recklessly is a missed opportunity to do good.”

Carlos Morales
Co-founder Smarter Food Choices

Do something good

A portion of the Food Lab fee will be donated directly to a charity of your choice. Nothing feels as good as doing good!